proverbes louisianais

proverbe LOUISIANAIS  

Petit enfant, petite misère ; grand enfant, grande misère.

(Literally : Little child, little troubles ; big child, big troubles.)

Crache en l’air, ça te tombe sus le bout du nez.

(Literally :  Spit in the air and it will fall back on the tip of your nose.)  The English version of this saying would be “What goes around comes around.”

Pèse bouton, paie couillon.

(Literally : Press the button and pay, fool.) This is said as a rebuke to people who spend money foolishly on fancy gadgets that don’t work well and break easily.

Si on peut pas monter cheval, on monte mulet.

(Literally : If you can’t ride the horse, you ride the mule.)  You have to make do with what you’ve got.

Jamais deux sans trois.

(Literally : Never two without three.) This is another version of the English saying “Bad things always happen in threes.”

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